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With the second generation of the 991, Porsche have introduced turbocharging across the entire Carrera range.  The GT3/RS is the only naturally aspirated 911.  While a lot of people will rightly miss the outgoing NA unit, the potential performance of the new units is significantly higher.


The 9A2 engine is offered in three different power outputs:


370PS for the Carrera and Carrera T

420PS for the Carrera S

450PS for the Carrera GTS.


The engines are largely identical 3.0 Flat six units running High Pressure direct injection at 210bar and a 7500rpm redline.  The turbo chargers differ slightly between the three power outputs.  The castings remain the same, with three different sized compressor wheels being employed.


Unicorn Motor Developments have spent considerable time researching and developing the engine in order to get to know its tuning potential.  Unlike virtually all other Porsche tuners, we develop the software calibration in-house with extensive testing carried out on each individual vehicle.  We have proprietary data logging methods which allow us to extract data from the ECU and then alter any parameter as required.  We are extremely passionate about our Porsches and love to share this passion with our customers.

Unicorn tuned Carrera S trapped at 190.34mph in a standing 1.2 miles.  With stock software the car ran 169mph.  The data gathered from this run shows that more power can still be extracted as engine temperatures stayed lower than expected.


Unsurprisingly, Porsche has engineered an incredibly capable unit.  What has surprised us slightly is just how much potential there is left to extract.

Carrera/Carrera T 510bhp

Carrera S 530bhp

Carrera GTS 550bhp

This completely standard Carrera 4 GTS saw power outputs of over 570bhp


Initially we started with a stock car and took it on numerous road trips to analyse how the stock car performed.  This was done in the typical conditions that a 911 owner might subject their car to - high speed Autobahn driving, laps of the Nordschleife and high altitude Alpine passes.  The last of these is quite important as the lower air pressure at altitude results in the turbocharger having to spin faster in order to maintain the same mass of air.  What may be fine in the UK may result in an overspeed condition at altitude.


We then run the car in our dyno cell, and flat out on the runway.  All this data is then studied to see where improvements can be made.  Hundreds of dyno hours later and more high speed testing the base software is ready to be applied to a customer's car.

The tuning does not stop there however.  Each individual vehicle is data logged and has its calibration refined to suit its individual characteristics and the owners requirements.  Power is all very well, but driveability is an equally high priority.

Porsche GTS Standard Hardware

Turbocharged engines naturally like to produce large amounts of mid range torque, with power peaking early on in the RPM range.  Often tuning can lead to this condition which does not suit a sports car's character.  Traction problems due to sudden onset of torque and then a feeling of breathlessness at the top end do not make for fast progress or a rewarding drive.

100-200kph time for a Unicron tuned Porsche Carrera S


We have worked specifically to address this, maintaining a flat torque curve similar to the OEM delivery, only raised significantly.  We can also offer a “GT3+” calibration.  This gives a similar power delivery to a normally aspirated e engine, with the torque building across the RPM range and more peak power than a GT3!  Torque is also limited in the lower gears, with a gradual increase in order to make the lower gears usable.  Without doing this, launch control on a 2wd car becomes unusable.  Different power and torque curves can be assigned to the Normal and Sports/Sports Plus driving modes if the car is so equipped.  For example, stock power in Normal mode and increased power in Sports mode.

Porsche Carrera S with 200 cell Kline Exhaust


Typical outputs:


Carrera/Carrera T 510bhp/480lbft/650Nm

Carrera S 530bhp/520lbft/705Nm

Carrera GTS 560bhp/530lbft/720Nm


These figures are for completely standard cars run on 98-99 octane fuel such as Shell V Power or Tesco Momentum.


Power outputs will increase with modifications such as catless exhaust, larger intercoolers, water/meth injection & larger turbos.




£1800.00 + vat.


This includes all dyno testing and data logging.

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