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At Unicorn Motor Developments we offer a range of ECU remapping and recalibration services.


We differ from other companies by providing a truly personal bespoke service. All software is developed and written in house which allows us to cater for unusual and difficult engine specifications. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


We cater for large injectors, up rated MAF’s, larger turbos etc. At Unicorn we have also developed new features for vehicles equipped with Bosch ME7 ECU’s which include the Audi S4/RS4 and 1.8T. These features include Launch control, Flatshift and Multiple map switching all without any additional hardware.


Other services:

DPF delete. We are able to offer a complete drive in drive out DPF removal service for most vehicles. This involves carefully recalibrating the ECU to ensure the vehicle

operates correctly with the DPF removed.


EGR removal. Removing the EGR improves both reliability and drivability.


Immobiliser recoding and matching. Faulty ECU? Bought a second hand one? We are able to transfer your vehicles immobilizer data to the new ECU so you can be

on your way.


Lambda Sensor coding. If you are using your car off road, you may wish to remove the Cat. Doing so will cause the ECU to trigger limp mode. We can recalibrate the ECU so that it works correctly with the catalyst removed.


Bricked ECU?  Has your ECU been rendered useless due to a re flashing attempt?  We can help!"


Unicorn Motor Developments

Tel: 0161 637 1890

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