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The high sensitivity of the Dyno allows for measurement of very small changes in power.  This is extremely important when you are looking for 1-2hp on highly tuned naturally aspirated engines.


We can map virtually all ECU’s, both aftermarket and OEM.  These include OMEX, DTA, Motec, Life, LINK, Megasquirt, Emrald and many more, as well as carrying out highly accurate power runs.



2WD Power runs: £100

4WD Power runs: £100

Rolling road tuning: from £120/hr

At Unicorn Motor Developments we have a fully equipped Dyno Cell which at its heart houses a state of the art 4wd chassis dynamometer capable of measuring up to 2400bhp at the wheels


The knurled rollers can handle very high power and torque outputs without the traction loss often suffered on lesser rolling roads.  We are able to alter the braking force to suit both high and low power vehicles in order to ensure the engine is loaded up correctly and not run too hot.

Rolling Road in Manchester & Northwest

State of the art ECU remapping facility

High efficiency retarder


The dyno itself is only part of the equation.  The purpose constructed dyno cell is fully soundproofed in order to respect our neighbours and provide a more pleasant working environment.  The cell also houses a highly effective cooling and ventilation system.  Cool air is fed from outside, pushed through the cell and then extracted.  The entire volume of the dyno cell is exchanged every few seconds.  This results in a constant temperature while testing and tuning is in progress, ensuring accurate results.  In addition, high velocity air is directed at the engine radiator, as well as dedicated fans feeding air to intercoolers.

The intelligent dynamometer software allows us to run virtually all 2wd and 4wd setups.  The software in combination with the low inertia rollers maintains both front and rear rollers at the same speed and acceleration rate, regardless of the load or power split applied.  This allows traditionally difficult platforms to be run, for example Porsche 996 AWD which only sends 5% of power to the front wheels in normal operation. Mercedes A45 AMG, BMW X Drive, VAG Haldex can all be run with no issue.

Boost pressure and high speed air fuel ratio are logged as a minimum, the high speed AFR working at a much greater speed than the vehicles original sensor.  This allows us to pick up individual abnormal combustion events which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Accuracy is something we pride ourselves on.  The load cell used to measure force is extremely precise with low drift. However, it needs to be calibrated in order to give correct results.  We regularly carry out a calibration check using a combination of laboratory load cell, and certified measuring weight.  This has led to comments that our Dyno reads low - it does not, it reads correctly!

The rollers are very low inertia, meaning they take very little effort to accelerate and decelerate.  This has numerous advantages.  Firstly, when at full speed the rollers contain relatively little energy.  All energy from the vehicles engine is dissipated by the extremely high efficiency electronically controlled retarders.  Therefore there is no energy "stored" in the rollers, ensuring vehicle safety by making it impossible for it to be thrown off the Dyno.  The low inertia also makes the Dyno very sensitive to small changes in speed and load increasing accuracy.


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Unicorn Motor Developments

Tel: 0161 637 1890

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