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Unicorn Motor Developments have vast experience in reliably tuning the 258PS N57 3.0 turbo diesel engine commonly found in the BMW 330D/430/530D as well as X5 X6 and X3 models.

The Unicorn self tune system allows you to install Unicorn software yourself using a handheld tablet.

Included is stage 1 and stage 2 software, simply flash on the version to match your spec.  Stage 1 is suitable for completely standard cars, and Stage 2 for those which have DPF and EGR deletes.

In the UK it is an MOT failure to remove the DPF so this should only be used for off road purposes.

Typical power figures are 315+bhp and 700Nm+ 

We recommend a new clean air filter, either stock or K&N which can be cleaned and reused.

All software versions come with recalibrated Sports Displays and increased speed limiters.

Unicorn Motor Development's software is amongst the most highly developed ever produced for the BMW N57 3.0D engine.  Based on working on thousands of individual cars ranging from completely standard to those fitted with a larger turbo.


How it works:


Once you receive your device, download and install the software with the included link on your Windows PC.  Plug the flash device into your PC and follow the instructions to update the software and hardware  to the latest version.   If asked to configure the server, always select automatic.  The server is used to sync your files with Unicorn HQ.

Once updated, plug the hardware into your cars OBD port, and follow the on screen instructions to read your ECU.  After this is done, plug the device back into your PC.  It will now upload your original file to the server so that it can be modified at Unicorn HQ.  The modified file is then sent to the server and your Windows software will prompt you to download the modified file and install it onto your flash hardware.

Now all you need to do is plug your flash hardware into your vehicle and write your modified file.  You are free to swap between your modified and original file as needed.

Please see this video for instructions.:


Tuning Methodology

The purpose of our software is to provide reliable power and not to extract every last horsepower.  The difference in 20bhp between a car that is tuned to its limit and one that is tuned reliably can seldom be felt on the road.  The BMW diesel is most often used as a dependable mode of transit, rather than a dedicated track or drag car only to be used on weekends.  We want our customers to continue doing the school run whilst being able to enjoy the car on a spirited drive when the opportunity arises. 

We have tuned hundreds of examples using this method and have an excellent reliability record. 

Unicorn Motor Developments do not provide or imply any kind of warranty or guarantee of physical components.  Whilst reliability is generally excellent, it is impossible to determine if our software caused any failure and tuning is undertaken entirely at the owners risk.

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