Unicorn Self Tune System Golf 7R Audi S3 Seat Cupra 280/290/300 MQB 2.0T EA888 Gen3 High Output


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Unicorn Motor Developments Self tune System is now available for High output MQB cars up to and including model year 2020. 

Audi S3 8V

Seat Cupra 290/290/300

VW Golf R

This allows you to install Unicorn software yourself using a handheld tablet.


The software is semi-custom.  You tell us the spec of the car, the fuel grade, intended use or car and we will write a file to suit based on the experience of tuning 1000’s of similar cars in house.  For example it could be a medium torque Stage 1 tune for 95 octane, or a Stage 2 tune to with linear delivery to suit track work.

Up to 5 maps - including the standard map - can be stored and freely switched between as many times as you wish.  Additional maps are changed at £49,99, if for example you would like both a high and low torque map.

Unicorn Motor Development's software is amongst the most highly developed ever produced for the MQB platform.  Based on working on thousands of individual cars ranging from completely standard to fully forged engines running on race fuel.  Unicorn hold a number of records for performance benchmarks for varying specs.  Do not confuse this with software with the countless other offerings available.  


How it works:


Plug the handheld touch screen device into your OBD port.  Wait for the device to power up, and then tap diagnostics and the device will read any DTC or trouble codes.  Then click on tuning and follow on screen instructions to read your ECU and save the contents to the device.  You can now unplug from the OBD port.


You will be given a link to Unicorn Desktop software which you need to install on your Windows PC/laptop.  The PC/laptop does not have to be connected to your car.  Once installed, run the Unicorn Desktop software and plug the device in to a USB port.  Follow the onscreen instructions to download your original map from your tablet.  

Email us this file along with your full spec list along with your requirements and we will email you a tuned file in return.  

Upload the tuned file to your handheld using the Unicorn Desktop Software.  


Plug the device back into your car, tap tuning and follow the instructions to flash the new tuned software onto your ECU.  The device can store 5 different tunes and you are free to switch between them as you wish e.g. standard, 95 octane, 98 octane.  


DSG is currently not supported on the 7 speed/DQ381.  You are free to use any other DSG tune, you must tell us if you have DSG software so we can tailor our software to suit.

6 speed/DQ250 software available seperately. 

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