BMW F20 F30 EVO2 Competition Intercooler Kit


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This high performance Competition Intercooler has the following core dimensions 520mmx215mmx145mm /stepped 13840cm³ compared to the OEM Intercooler dimensions 510mm x130mm x110mm, 7293cm³

Approximately 85% larger surface area and 90% more volume over the factory Intercooler. The competition core is lightweight and provides excellent cooling properties. The end tanks of the intercooler are made using free form cast aluminium design optimised with the help of flow analysis in our CAD systems. The Evo2 intercooler was developed directly for the BMW 335i

Plug & Play Installation using the stock plumbing, no cutting or bumper removal required.
Optimum cooling of the supercharged air with a significant increase in performance!
The Competition version weighs just 8.6kg.

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