Accessport for Porsche 718 Cayman & Boxter with custom rolling road tune


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This is for Cobb Accessport for your 718 Cayman or Boxter, complete with professional installation, custom calibration rolling road tune and printouts.

Unicorn Motor Developments are an authorised Porsche Cobb ProTuner.  Your 718 will spend a minimum of half a day in our Dyno cell having its software expertly crafted to suit your needs.  Whether you would like a completely flat torque curve or a calibration to suit high octane race fuel, we are happy to advise and accommodate.  We can also add anti-theft and valet modes that you can quickly enable as required.

Your 718 will be strapped onto our rolling road, and then checked over for any obvious issues, as well as being checked for any ECU fault codes. The car is then run up to temperature, before a number of Power measurements are made on order to determine the car's current output.  Next, the ECU is read and a Cobb OTS base map is installed.  The car is then again run on the Dyno whilst we datalog 40+ parameters at high speed.  These datalogs are then studied to ensure we are happy with your engines behaviour, and are able to see where potential adjustments and gains can be made.

We discuss the datalog results, along with detailed explanations of each parameter if required.  Once we are clear of the customers requirements, we adjust the  software and then verify the results on the rolling road.  The car will be run multiple times to ensure consistency and accuracy.  

Unicorn Motor Developments are highly experienced in calibrating Porsche engines, whether it's a high revving NA GT or high boost turbo engine.  We have set benchmarks at events such as Vmax200 and Terminal Velocity whilst always maintaining reliability.  


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